Enlightened Parenting, Non dual knowledge for Kids

The secret to ‘The Secret’

A few years ago, the movie ‘The Secret’ took the world by storm.  Everyone watched with fascination as the supposed secrets to getting what you want were revealed.  Many started doing what they had learnt in the hopes of getting materialist stuff that they desired.  Everyone had a plan.

But if we pause to look at it from a Vedanta standpoint, we know that Ishvara, the gunas and our vasanas are causing the thoughts to arise in us, and we are behaving accordingly. Which implies that we are ‘being thought’  ie we have little conrol or influence in this process. Continue reading “The secret to ‘The Secret’”

Enlightened Parenting, Non dual knowledge for Kids

What to pray for?

Wise people never pray for specific things, because they know ‘that which is not destined to happen as a result of fructifying karma will not happen.’ Inquiry into Existence’, James Swartz

With this in mind we could teach our children to pray for the chance to make a contribution to the field, for an intellect that can understand who they are, and for gratitude for what they have.  Continue reading “What to pray for?”

Enlightened Parenting, Non dual knowledge for Kids

Surfing the vasana

A vasana is a habit or tendency that has developed over time.  The thoughts we think, actions we take, and how our lives unfold are largely driven by our vasanas.  The person’s challenge is to develop helpful vasanas (uplifting socializing, healthy eating, positive hobbies) and reduce the pull of unhelpful tendencies.  Children can be taught these principles and in that way at least start to notice how they behave and the effects on their lives. Continue reading “Surfing the vasana”