Enlightened Parenting

Spending time where there’s the biggest long-term payoff.

Each of us has a level playing field in terms of the time we have each day.  What we choose to do with that time is the strongest reflection of our values.

Juggling the demands on the householder’s time is a real challenge.

I find the simplest solution is to make small actions count.

What does this look like in real life? It means sitting down over breakfast with my children each morning and taking the time to sip my coffee and look them in the eye and engage in whatever conversation is going on, without rushing to the next thing.  It’s a pause to allow the day to begin.

It means at bedtime not rushing as I get the children to bed – taking a good long moment to lie in their beds with them,  chatting about whatever small or big thing that they want to talk about.  Practically is means I get half hour less ‘me time’ when they are asleep, but I know it’s a crucial set-up for when they are teenagers and they have more complicated issues or challenges to discuss with me.  They will already know I will devote the necessary alone time with them at night, which gives them the space and time to share what needs to be shared.

It’s an investment in our collective emotional futures.

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