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Does this decision reduce my worldly karma?

So, this weekend Ishvara provided me the chance to pause, get really still and sattvic and review my plans etc…. I do know ‘plans’ and ‘Ishvara’ are surely not to be used in the same sentence – my life is a complete expression of the futility of ‘my’  plans 🙂

BUT, it’s my nature as a jiva to still make the attempt at the illusion of control…. so at the beginning of this year I found I was being pulled everywhere, and nowhere too… I decided to declared it a ‘YEAR OF NO’
I had to simplify my lifestyle, and reduce as much worldly karma as possible, given my parental dharma…
I turned down a trip around South America (I’ve always loved that place!!), I turned down a trip to Japan, turned down many other opportunities to get involved in this or that, and exercised many other ‘No’s’… my life settled down and rajas simmered controllably.
BUT Ishvara really pulled out all the stops this time – the chance to have a dream that was so amazing I didn’t even think of dreaming it…. oh the temptation!

The thing is – will this action REDUCE my worldly karma?

(PS… I adhered to my Year of No)

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