Enlightened Parenting

It’s still a day-to-day life we live

There are a plethora of people able to quote scriptural texts, use fancy sanskrit words and show deep understanding of Vedantic doctrine.  But can they give human-centered understanding and empathy when needed?

There seems to be something of a continuum of spiritual people – those that lack any scriptural knowledge or understanding of the nuances involved, and on the other end are those that can readily quote passages verbatim, using deep and meaningful, but complicated language.

But somewhere in the middle we still live human lives, and have to deal with difficult relationships, divorces, death of loved ones, children who need additional support or who challenge us constantly.  In these situations we need the scripture to acknowledge the day-to-day existence we face, and show some empathy and compassion.  Here we need the scripture in a way that acknowledges the complexity of our jiva lives and gives us a few tools and techniques to make sense of it all, and get through the day.

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