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When something we really, really want to do is adharmic…

I like to overindulge in sense pleasures.  My particular weakness is chocolate. What’s the big deal, right??  But I can’t stop at one square.  Now really, what difference does too much chocolate make?  What’s the big deal?  Well, at it’s core even that small defiance violates dharma and agitates my mind. It steels my freedom.

I live my life centered on vedantic values, and for freedom over-indulgence in sense pleasures is not permitted.  It takes my mind off Ishvara and puts it on gluttony.  It shows a lack of dispassion, a craving for something that is not Ishvara, and it is an abuse of this physical body.

Is it permitted because it’s such a small and insignificant thing that harms no one really?  Does the scripture call for dispassion towards sense objects, except chocolate?  Of course not.  Anything that binds and agitates the mind has gotta go. As Ramji says in his book Essence of Enlightenment, ‘If you know something is wrong and you continue to do it, you deserve to suffer.’

Dharma trumps enlightenment, always.

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