Enlightened Playing, Enlightened Working

Choose your Quest carefully

‘Hard work, commitment, focus, claims the Bhagavad Gita, will get you whatever rewards you desire, in whatever quest you pursue, within reason. Therefore it is important to choose your quest well.’

My quest chose me…it was my job to look for the signs and keep up.

Often we find out our quest only in retrospect – by looking back at the course of our lives we discern where Ishvara has been leading/steering us.  In my life I look back and find a deep and obvious thread of education weaving my life together. Every job and effort I have embarked on have been related to education in some way – from primary school teacher, to adult education entrepreneur.  It was not really a conscious decision on my part, but for sure I have been put where the field needed me to be.

What is helpful is that now that I have seen the golden thread, it is much easier to make decisions and plan ahead.  I know that if some direction I wish to pursue is education related, it’s more likely to succeed since that’s my svadharma.

My quest has revealed itself to me, and I watch with fascination how it continues to unfold, seemingly without my jiva’s input at all. I have this distinct feeling that all I have done is kept a lookout for the signs and do what I was told to do.


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