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My ‘Year of Not Yet’

As a jiva I am very familiar and comfortable with change.  I get awesome ideas, can’t help getting enthusiastic, then find myself gathering resources and turning them into reality.  Problem is … I’m a Panglosian -‘characterized by or given to extreme optimism, especially in the face of unrelieved hardship or adversity.’  It’s a happy way to live, but can bring unnecessary and unwanted drama and rajas into my life.  For this reason, I’ve declared this my ‘Year of No’. 

Do I want to go on a sailing course with my friends? YES!  … but no.

Do I want to have a share in a holiday house in another country? YES!  … but no.

Do I want to start my own business in this perfect little spot in the village that’s crying out for some love? YES!  …but no.

Do I want to learn Spanish so I can buy a camper van and travel with my kids around Spain? YES!  …but no.

Do I want to do an awesome course with Seth Godin that I get a discount on and will change the way I work?  YES! …but no.

You get the idea…

As a panglosian, I’m going to instead think of this as my Year of NOT YET…. it’s not NO…. rather NOT RIGHT NOW….

If the idea is the right one for me, then it will come around again at a more appropriate time and I can re-evaluate it.  Until then, it’s a firm ‘Not Yet. ‘

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