Enlightened Parenting, Non dual knowledge for Kids

What is God?

Helping children to understand the concept of ‘God’ in nonduality terms can be challenging.  It’s pretty easy to think of God as a large Man in the sky to whom you pray. That’s the prevailing western ‘knowledge’.  Correcting this notion is the bedrock of nonduality.

The way I explain God my children is that God is simply the mechanism that allows the proper functioning of karma, your actions.  So if you put something out into the world, such as a kind gesture, then God is the force that facilitates it coming back to you as a result.  In this way of understanding, God is an energy and a system rather than a material ‘thing’.   ‘Like physics’ said my 9 year old son.

What follows from this knowledge is that as a person we can control God – by being deliberate about what actions we take, we can ‘force’ a particular result to come back to us.

This gives the child enormous self confidence and personal agency – the sense that as an individual they have some measure of control over their environment.



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