Enlightened Parenting

Re-brand ‘Homework’

Instead of viewing homework as a necessary evil, try changing your mindset and view it as a special time with your child.  Find a quiet space (we do homework in their rooms) and let the other children know that they are not to disturb you – they are likely to oblige as they will want their own undisturbed parent time too.  Then with your one-on-one time carved out, give your child the benefit of your full attention.  Remember, this is not really about completing the homework, it’s about carving out a rare space in both your days to connect.

You will probably find that once your child understands this is their time with you, they will start to open up and communicate with you about things that never got the air-time before.

It will probably only be less than half an hour a day, but you will have gained an important tool for child-care.

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