An unexpected change in dharma…

For my early adult life I was a very successful and happy entrepreneur.  I had grand plans to carry on for the foreseeable future…all was good.  Alas, the Field (Ishvara) had other plans for me!  Within 6 months, I was without any of my businesses (I owned 5), and was pregnant with twins.  When the twins were 18 months old I gave birth to my 3rd child.

Ishvara, the Field,  made me a Mother of 3 children in 18 months.  Clearly I was on a different trajectory.

For the last decade I have vaguely struggled against this abrupt and uninvited change in my personal dharma, trying to be both a full time mother and a full time entrepreneur.  This weekend I surrendered.

I realized that with almost one decade of my children’s lives down, they probably have one more with me before they head off into the world to make their own way.  If I surrender this decade to them, and finish what was started, it will be an invaluable contribution to the field.

What choice do I have anyway?   My choice was to live and work as an entrepreneur. The Field, Ishvara,’s choice was to have me parent these 3 boys.

The needs of the Field come first….always.

Author: Meg Knight

I'm a trained teacher and a mom of 3 delightful boys. I have personal experience in implementing practical and simple systems and routines in a busy household as a working mom. I'd be happy to help you do the same in your household. Drop me an email and we can connect... meg at enlightenment for householders dot com

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