Enlightened Parenting

Parenting – the Ultimate Endurance Test

When I decided to have a child, never did I realize the extent of my Parental Responsibility and how many times it would push me to the limits of my endurance.  And just when you think you’ve crossed the finish line and your child has ‘grown up’ that’s when you hit the next phase and realize you’re never done.  

A friend’s very bright 19 year old son recently failed all his first year university exams.  All of them.  He’s an exceptionally bright kid, so it must have taken real effort to fail so thoroughly doing a very simple degree.

Now it’s the parent’s responsibility (dharma) to do the tough thing.  They will have to get back to the basics, taking away all his privileges as an adult, and making sure he earns them back one passed semester at a time.  He had it easy as his parents were paying for his tuition, but now that must become his personal debt to be repaid – with a proper job, not a bar tending ‘gig’.

All the more reason to insist on the other side of the ‘Responsibility’ equation – your Rights as a Parent.

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