Non dual knowledge for Kids

Managing Strong Emotions

It’s quite common when one encounters nondual self knowledge to get confused about how to manage strong emotions like grief, anger or deep sadness. Even great joy and enthusiasm can pull you off balance. There’s this expectation that when you have Self knowledge, you know that the world you find yourself in is only apparent, and so strong emotions are illegitimate. This is a mistake.

The world still operates as it always did, emotions come and go, and as a jiva (person) you need to have strategies to manage them.  The simplest (but not necessarily the easiest) course of action  is to just stay out of it and let the Self function, without your interference.  Things get out of balance, then they get back into balance, everything is perfect.

Acknowledge the emotion and it’s apparent cause, and try to get some distance from it, knowing that while it seems to be consuming you, you are not that person under the spell of the emotion.

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