Non dual knowledge for Kids

The Vedanta Three

Qualifications + Karma Yoga + Guna Management = The Vedanta Three

Use the ‘Vedanta Three’ as a solid, stable foundation upon which to build a Householder Practice.

Whatever external circumstances occurs, bring attention back to the Vedanta Three – this is the point at which the doer seemingly acts….until you realize you’re the knower of the doer.

Either way, the stress and struggle evaporates.

Enlightened Parenting

Parenting my Parent

One of the more challenging relationships we have is when we are adults ourselves, and we have elderly parents who need to be parented.  Using the scripture we are taught that one of our responsibilities is to honour our parents and ancestors, while at the same time the fulfill our responsibility to our children.  When these two require very different strategies we are pulled into impossible situations. Continue reading “Parenting my Parent”

Non dual knowledge for Kids

Managing Strong Emotions

It’s quite common when one encounters nondual self knowledge to get confused about how to manage strong emotions like grief, anger or deep sadness. Even great joy and enthusiasm can pull you off balance. There’s this expectation that when you have Self knowledge, you know that the world you find yourself in is only apparent, and so strong emotions are illegitimate. This is a mistake. Continue reading “Managing Strong Emotions”

Enlightened Parenting

Parenting – the Ultimate Endurance Test

When I decided to have a child, never did I realize the extent of my Parental Responsibility and how many times it would push me to the limits of my endurance.  And just when you think you’ve crossed the finish line and your child has ‘grown up’ that’s when you hit the next phase and realize you’re never done.   Continue reading “Parenting – the Ultimate Endurance Test”