Non dual knowledge for Kids

Don’t believe your story

We tend to get into ruts where we keep telling the same story again and again.  Instead ask ‘Why do I keep telling this story?’ 

Usually we are invested in some aspect of the story that evokes a feeling or a response in ourselves or the other person.  What’s actually happening is you keep reinforcing the notion that the events actually happened as you remember, and you keep them alive in your present life.  While this applies to positive and negative stories in your life, it’s is especially harmful when the story is of an unpleasant event that makes you distressed – by having the story on repeat loop you are keeping the pain and suffering fresh.

Instead as soon as the familiar story loop begins, try to negate it.  Take a stand as awareness and as awareness the story is only apparent, has no effect on you.  You are full and complete, no thing every happened to you.

Refuse to indulge in wallowing in those familiar feelings.  Slowly as you continue to do this, the story will loose it’s juiciness and you’ll be less tempted to indulge each time it comes up. Eventually it will poke it’s head up through your consciousness and you’ll be amused, and notice it in a detached way.

Dismiss it as just a story that has no relevance to you, awareness.

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