What is God?

Helping children to understand the concept of ‘God’ in nonduality terms can be challenging.  It’s pretty easy to think of God as a large Man in the sky to whom you pray. That’s the prevailing western ‘knowledge’.  Correcting this notion is the bedrock of nonduality. Continue reading “What is God?”

Make homework ‘special time’

Instead of viewing homework as a necessary evil, try changing your mindset and view it as a special time with your child.  Find a quiet space (we do homework in their rooms) and let the other children know that they are not to disturb you – they are likely to oblige as they will want their own undisturbed parent time too. Continue reading “Make homework ‘special time’”

The Vedanta Three

Qualifications + Karma Yoga + Guna Management = The Vedanta Three

Use the ‘Vedanta Three’ as a solid, stable foundation upon which to build a Householder Practice.

Whatever external circumstances occurs, bring attention back to the Vedanta Three – this is the point at which the doer seemingly acts….until you realize you’re the knower of the doer.

Either way, the stress and struggle evaporates.

Knowledge doesn’t stick unless the mind is receptive…

…and you get the mind receptive by action.  Consistency, perseverance, and a dogged determination to bring about change are what’s required.  That’s the message you send to Ishvara (God) and Ishvara has no choice but to give you the appropriate results – Self Knowledge.